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Pyrenees Shire

The Pyrenees Shire is a very productive agricultural region covering 3,500 square kilometres. This area is renowned for its cereal and hay crops, wool, viticulture and forestry activity. Gold, along with sand, gravel and slate, all contribute to the region’s economy.

Four major highways run through the region. The Western Highway, through Beaufort, is the main road route from Melbourne to Adelaide and Perth. The Sunraysia Highway runs through the north of the Shire to Mildura, connecting with the Western Highway at Ballarat. The Pyrenees Highway runs from Maryborough to Ararat through the north central area of the shire. The southern section is serviced by the Glenelg Highway linking Melbourne with south western Victoria. A passenger rail service operates twice a day between Ballarat and Ararat, stopping at Beaufort.

The region is serviced by a major hospital at Beaufort and aged care facilities in Avoca and Beaufort. The council delivers a range of aged care and maternal and child health services. Other general health services are available on a visiting basis so that most medical situations are covered.

The recreational interests of the community and visitors are well served across the region, with most towns having their own sporting facilities. Apart from the traditional sporting activities, hang gliding from Mt Cole and the French game of Petanque in Avoca attract considerable interest among visitors and the local community.

For more information view the Pyrenees Shire website

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