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News and Events

Viewing News and Events

To read Portable Document Format files, also known as PDFs, you will need a PDF reader. 

You can download a free PDF reader from the Adobe website. 

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Uploading News and Events

Disability respite providers who offer services in the Grampians region can add details of their news and events here. Simply use the + Add your news and events link to post news items. Please include all relevant details in the body of the article.  For accessibility purposes, please do not upload PDFs  unless you also add an accessible Word version.

Articles will be sent to the Grampians Respite web manager for editorial approval before they appear in the listings.   Please note that articles may receive light editing as deemed necessary by the web manager.

NOTE: Articles will only be accepted for disability respite and recreation services. 

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Latest News

Kids with Anxiety and Teens with Anxiety


Children/teens with anxiety are CONSTANTLY on high alert and seeking out danger even when there is no danger. They are unnecessarily putting themselves in fight or flight mode. This is why children/teens with anxiety are nervous, jittery, moody, unfocused, need constant reassurance, don’t sleep well and are overly self-critical or hypersensitive.

Ballarat Minecraft Social Skills Program


This is the social skills program your child wants to attend!

Social Skills do not come easily for all children. The lack of appropriate social skills can often impact a child’s interactions with peers, making school challenging. When facilitated by a therapist, Minecraft can offer children many opportunities to improve social skills, develop friendships, and to practice a variety of important executive functioning skills.

Kelly Sports Winter Holiday Program


Kelly Sports is offering an exciting Holiday Program for your children during the July School Holidays!!

The program will run from Monday 2nd July to Friday 13th July (Excluding weekends and public Holidays)

8am - 5pm at Eastwood Leisure Centre in Ballarat

Cost = $40 per child per full day
$35 per child per day for 5 days+
$25 for a half day
Phone: 0418 597 493

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